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We currently offer a wide range of health services in Trieste:

Medical Assistance in Trieste

In TRIESTE, you can count on us

You can count on us since 1996.

Our Operation Center will provide the right doctor for your requirements: during the day, at night, during weekends and on bank holidays.


Medical Assistance – TRIESTE


Select this, to proceed with the payment for the general medical examination ALREADY AGREED OVER THE PHONE OR BY EMAIL with our Operations Center active 24/7 on 02 87199154. Please contact us to request and/or confirm the service before proceeding with the payment.


To book a doctor’s visit, call the switchboard (active 24 hours a day, even on holidays). Tell us about your needs and our operations center will point you towards the right doctor. You can book an emergency doctor’s intervention or schedule a house call from our specialists, such as a paediatrician or an otolaryngologist, to treat specific pathologies. We can reach you wherever you are in the city.


Call the switchboard
active 24 hours a day
(even on holidays)


Our operations center will listen to your needs


We will reach you
wherever you are in any city


My wife and I have moved away from our family doctors, who would hardly have been available for urgent needs. We needed fast intervention, given a fever of 40 C. I had already experienced this type of service a few years ago with another company, but I was not satisfied: however, in this case, the service was impeccable. I would absolutely recommend it. Excellent, 10/10.

My general practitioner is not in my city. I got your contact from a friend who enjoys your service. Medi Call Italia was the first home healthcare I used. I definitely recommend the Medi Call Italia doctors.

The emergency doctors seemed only available to speak over the phone. I found you on the Internet. I used this service for the first time. I would say you have been diligent and done well. Rating 8/10, I would recommend it.


At home or our center

SARS-COV-2 Antigenic Rapid Test Read more »
PCR Covid-19 Test Read more »
Covid-19 Serological Test

We offer you the possibility to have a serological test on Coronavirus at home or our center!

The doctor, in complete safety, after having carried out a preliminary examination on your state of health, will take care of matters and prepare a general diagnosis, filling in a file that you can send to your doctor.

Please feel free to call us for any further info, we are available 24/7.

Rapid COVID-19 Test


Select to proceed to the payment of the rapid swab (from 1 to 3 rapid COVID-19 test)ALREADY AGREED BY PHONE OR E-MAIL with our Operations Center active 24/24 h at the number 06 8840113. Please contact us to request and/or confirm service prior to payment.

Book a
Home Specialist Visit

We are open 24 hours a day in Trieste

Call our Call Center and book a Home Specialist Visit: pediatricians or otolaryngologists have been guaranteeing immediate and opportune medical interventions.
​We are open 24 hours a day; once we receive the request, the service will be immediately activated.
We cooperate every day with international insurance companies, most of the best assistance operators and airline companies, to quickly satisfy any patient’s need.


Book a Home Specialist Visit

Your data


The operator will put you in touch with one of our doctors,
who can advise you and give you useful information concerning the described symptoms.

Phone Consultation – TRIESTE


Pay online and receive the call from our doctor: you will get a qualified expert opinion at a very low price!

After half an hour from receiving the booking confirmation, you will receive the call from an expert, who will provide you with general information and advice that could prove to be valuable.

Main features of our service

  • Consultation everywhere in Trieste or in our cabinet
  • Open to everyone: citizens, non-residents and tourists
  • General practitioners and specialists
  • Private ambulances and Air ambulances

  • Special prices for certification
  • Wheelchair and crutches rental
  • Phone consultation

Medi-Call Italia

Your Private House Call Doctor in Trieste

In our Operation center you will always find someone ready to listen to you

We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, on bank holidays too: our operators, always present in our office, are willing to help you, contacting the nearest practitioner who meets your own requirements.

Call us and tell the Operator what your problem is: you’ll find professionalism, kindness and willingness. A quick solution to your needs is just a phone call away.
Our Team

We have selected, over the years, a crew of GP and Specialists, who keep themselves up-to-date and practice their medical profession with passion and enthusiasm. With a great teamwork and synergic effort, we do converge our different capacities to the exclusive primary benefit of the patients


Dr ​Oliviero Armeni

Medi-Call Italia is directed by a doctor, our added value!

Dr. Oliviero Armeni, medical surgeon, has a long experience in Home Medical Assistance and he closely follows the Operation Center, that collect requests for intervention, providing the best assistance to our patients. Our approach is different from the one offered by other services.

Believing that the duty of a doctor is always acting in the interest of the patients, we never consider them as a mere source of profit.
Nobody better than a doctor has the skills and ability to solve a patient’s problems by listening to them. Our Health Director follows the Operations center closely, which collects the requests for intervention.


Active 24/7

Our Operations center is active 24 hours a day, every day, even on holidays: our staff is always ready and contact the closest available doctor or the most suitable one for the patient’s needs, throughout Italy. Our Call center speaks Italian, English and Russian and can connect a Japanese, Chinese, German or French interpreter at any time in tele/video conference.



Send us an e-mail using the form below: you will be contacted at one of your contact details with the answer to your needs.


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